A presentation of UFAR

A label, a mindset
Rugby spirit – Fair Play – Friendliness

French Union of Former Rugbymen

Since 1982, UFAR has been the reference organization
for over 35 y/o leisure rugby in France

Welcome to the large UFAR family

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our association.

Our values are : Friendship, Sharing, Celebration and Selflessness, these are the rugby values we love. What a chance to continue our Rugby life, in a more relaxed way but in a safe environment ! To meet, at each rugby match, at each festival, lifelong friends, partners or former opponents. UFAR has been working for 40 years for the leisure rugby practice. We are the (French Rugby Federation) FFR’s point of reference. By joining UFAR, you are helping to advance leisure rugby so that our rugby practice continues.

Sincerely yours,
Alain David

UFAR – A National Association

It is the largest organization of its kind in the world.

Member of Former Rugbymen Organizations (also called Old or Vets) :
  • Golden Oldies (Worldwide)
  • European Veterans Rugby Association – EVRA (European)
  • EGOR (European)

Current status

  • 118 affiliated clubs across the French territory
  • 6 Active Regional Committees – Each Committee is managed by a Regional Executive Board
  • 2.496 licensees playing in an UFAR team
  • 16% of UFAR players have another function (educator, referee, …)

UFAR's Organization


UFAR governance is organized around :

  • Executive Committee (5 members)
  • Board of Directors (21 members maximum)
  • General Assembly (once a year)
  • Regional affiliate Committees
    By agreement with the FFR, they are modelled on the FFR Leagues (as long as we have teams in these regions). UFAR is an association recognized by the FFR and authorized to issue FFR licenses.
  • Teams or associations join their regional UFAR Committee. Players from these teams subscribe to their license either :
    • With an FFR club
    • With an UFAR – FFR Regional Committee created for this purpose
      For example, if the team does not have a club support or does not wish to join an FFR club 

In this second case, it is mandatory to be incorporated as an association of law of 1901 to join the UFAR and allow the team to enjoy all the benefits of an FFR club without having the obligation of the administrative procedures and the costs associated with it.

Licensing – FFR Insurance

RLOP – with tackles   or   RLOSP – without tackles : Mandatory to practice leisure rugby in an UFAR team

GMF Insurance from FFR

  • Contract guarantees from FFR/GMF Insurance are currently recognized as the best in the market for rugby practice
  • FFR/GMF Insurance covers in Civil Liability the leaders of affiliated teams
  • UFAR and its members benefit from FFR legal assistance

A framework for leisure rugby in France

Encadrement du rugby vétéran en France

Provides a framework for UFAR teams

  • Contracted organization and FFR partner that can issue licenses/insurance RLO
  • Interface between FFR and its teams : sorting and calibrating information
  • Reminder of FFR rules
  • Advisory role (statutes, insurance, …)
  • Gathering and networking of the French territory
  • Administrative security

Intervenes with FFR to help advance the cause of leisure rugby (regulations and sport practice)

UFAR has taken out liability insurance covering its members and organizers


Management of rugby practice

  • Sport organization
    • No competition (at organization level) : no championship pool or other
    • Matches by mutual agreement between teams (usually in the evening, on the weekend)
  • Leisure rugby practices
    • Rugby XV with tackles, obviously obeying the FFR safety rules
      • Application of the rugby rules for categories C and D, as amended by the rules of title VIII (to go towards more security)
      • Match time and rules adapted, simulated scrum, Over 50’ play with red shorts to be identified
      • Adaptation according to the team’s level
    • Touch Rugby (no tackles) : 5 or 7 players
      • Categories Over 50’ (Quinquas) : match and tournament between these Quinquas players only

Regional or National festivals organization (tournaments)

UFAR National Festival – France’s largest former rugbymen tournament

Traditionally organized during Pentecost weekend, it gathers more than 1.000 players and companions.
Rugby XV tournament with tackles and rugby 5 to be touched on the same site.
Trophy is awarded to the team that scored the most tries but also showed fair play and ensured the best atmosphere (disguises, bandas, …).

National festival is the UFAR’s big rugby and friendly moment !

Regional Festivals

Each Regional Committee organizes an annual one-day regional festival.

Participation in international tournaments and tours

UFAR is member of EVRA (European Veteran Rugby Association).

UFAR organize for its members tours « tourism-sports » abroad.

An UFAR selection takes part in the EVRA European tournament. UFAR teams have the opportunity to participate in European and worldwide tournaments as well as exchange with foreign teams.


Belonging to UFAR means:

  • Getting access to the largest contact list of French leisure rugby clubs
  • Getting access to the largest contact list of foreign clubs
  • Getting exit permits from the territory issued by the FFR.
    These authorizations issued by the FFR are mandatory during matches or festivals as soon as you leave your home leagues whether in France or abroad.
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